Components are helping the modeler to re-use modeling objects. So far we have only been using components briefly when setting up the initial models when learning to use securiCAD. Now we will take a closer look at them. just like any other singular or “native” object but will add several objects to the model when used.

Sharing Components

Since components actually are securiCAD model files, stored in a directory we choose when using the program, the contents of that directory can be shared between users by simply sharing the component files/directories. When sharing components it is helpful for other users if we add a "Note" to the object before exporting it as a component. ...

Creating Components

Components are made from native objects and can contain one or several such objects. Creating components while modeling might feel like extra work but you will soon notice that already after having used a component a few times, you'll save modeling effort. This section describes how components are created by using a step-by-step example that ...

Using Components

As previously seen, securiCAD comes with a collection of already prepared standard components. They are found below the list of singular/native objects.   Dragging each one of the components onto the canvas will only show one object each, the component's main object. But since these objects already have additional objects connected to them, you can right-click on ...