Download File Hashes

For verifying the integrity of the securiCAD installers and zip files, it is recommended that you calculate their file checksum hashes after downloading.

In powershell, you do this by issuing the command
Get-FileHash -Algorithm SHA256
and then compare the output values to the values in the following tables.

Windows Installer Hashes

SHA256 hash value3db402feb496e5f3d44d80aa5b0f8d8eebf13a607e414820abb2f1fdaed0d289

Windows ZIP File Hashes
SHA256 hash valueb5bf40806f5b67aaa6e07137565a73c9a3f78596828402dcba0a9110c364c624

Mac Installer Hashes

SHA256 hash valuee8f32a35d0b29e18af12ac59a2277bf039868914f1d045bbb639a6755a501a8b

Mac ZIP File Hashes

SHA256 hash value2d58863cb20ab788a1503952623725cbb22f16a6d7e7722cc38004eb40ad70b2

Linux ZIP File Hashes

SHA256 hash value6dcdb527aa0d1e46ba09550aadff2f1c38a7a7d3c492ec25d25e71450e248a76

If the hash values you calculate should differ from the hash values in the tables on this page should differ, please contact