Download File Hashes

For verifying the integrity of the securiCAD installers and zip files, it is recommended that you calculate their file checksum hashes after downloading.

In powershell, you do this by issuing the command
Get-FileHash -Algorithm SHA256
Get-FileHash -Algorithm MD5
and then compare the output values to the values in the following tables.

Windows Installer Hashes

SHA256 hash value5D17CAB79EBBCE15091C722DF388C9914E11969DF300516DB8D95BA93EDAF581
MD5 hash value288A3160B5505A10394A0B3BCB8C57A6

Windows ZIP File Hashes
SHA256 hash value07888ED333A65F988B58A8E1000F324CD660FB4A6A9EEF464E2E77EC792AB412
MD5 hash valueF6A71462F6BDC8CC85C63CF581028853

Mac Installer Hashes

SHA256 hash value462B4CDA829A6BF22EDD195D4FC16C7D9089B9E682B95A53CDDA148C3075BDCB
MD5 hash valueFF9C8AE4AAFBD3B2227884B77B5592E5

Mac ZIP File Hashes

SHA256 hash value71C93D71D0188F5E51D93B4ACD8D862BD37717CD4E23EC62CAF21670D214BFB7
MD5 hash value38E1CD53A621CE9BE73EE5FCBEE06A75

Linux ZIP File Hashes

SHA256 hash value00DEE87FA6247B2EE61EAEA3F5CB3B488281F89E4FEBE7B0D5669D5B123D83D0
MD5 hash valueC16F37C61775D3078992B89D58C99ED3

If the hash values you calculate should differ from the hash values in the tables on this page should differ, please contact