Download File Hashes

For verifying the integrity of the securiCAD installers and zip files, it is recommended that you calculate their file checksum hashes after downloading.

In powershell, you do this by issuing the command
Get-FileHash -Algorithm SHA256
and then compare the output values to the values in the following tables.

Windows Installer Hashes

SHA256 hash valueabbb6be87a652ce8ec2e007aca1d9df26322ec5eaac9aab557f4e45fdcb8c30a

Windows ZIP File Hashes
SHA256 hash value600650a6be0d97b25996929a74b9eadbd3a411670d053ef912f41b823aec39e3

Mac Installer Hashes

SHA256 hash value0e40df1c9926cc81eb86b8368894a113be6b1c5df1895e94cdfe72cfe0a4e137

Mac ZIP File Hashes

SHA256 hash valuea823b00d95f9f8078fd9d52b79f63e9ab252eaca1190c3142c134c1bf94368db

Linux ZIP File Hashes

SHA256 hash valuec9f9b6416f9b8cccd8e901c712a3ba1a287ebbdddb9ecd174e8c190d21bb8053

If the hash values you calculate should differ from the hash values in the tables on this page should differ, please contact