foreseeti research blog series

This blog series aims to summarize and describe some of the best and most recent research efforts from KTH in cyber security, threat modeling, attack simulations, risk analysis, and ethical hacking.
Written by: Associate prof. Robert Lagerström, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, founder of foreseeti, and member of the Young Academy of Sweden.

Recent Posts

  • The Working-from-home effect

    The Working-from-home effect

    A threat modeling and attack simulation analysis on the IT security implications of the business adaption to the pandemic situation. Background Traditionally, organizations related to …
  • Ukraine Attack Path

    Ukraine Attack Path

    This model is a slimmed model of a SCADA environment example model and is intended at showing the essence of the Ukraine attack. It is …
  • Modeling a SCADA Environment

    Modeling a SCADA Environment

    A domain where we have found the threat modeling approach to IT security to be particularly suitable is within the critical infrastructure sector. Our SCADA …