Get Started

Welcome to the Get Started modules! This is square one for learning threat modeling and cyber security analysis with securiCAD.

securiCAD in a Nutshell

Here you are introduced to the securiCAD approach to threat modeling and security analysis. This module presents ICT infrastructure models and shows the results of attack simulations and how this can be used for aiding your security design.

Modeling From Scratch

In this module the focus is to learn how to build models. We introduce and explain different object types, connections that build up models. In addition some basic securiCAD functionalities are introduced. Again we close the loop by running attack simulations to see how changes in the models change attack vectors.

Security Analysis

As a final step in the Get Started learning path, we take a closer look at the results of attack simulations and focus on how to read and draw conclusions from them to identify effective design changes to enhance the security posture of the modeled ICT infrastructure.