Get Started

Welcome to the Get Started modules! This is square one for learning threat modeling and cyber security analysis with securiCAD.

securiCAD in a Nutshell

This module will guide you in running your first attack simulation on the example model that comes with securiCAD. It will also introduce the basics of the model, attack step and defense concepts.

Simulation Results

In this module we will take a look at the high level simulation results we get from a securiCAD simulation. High value assets as well as the Time To Compromise and the Risk Exposure results are introduced.

Attack Paths

The Risk Exposure results are based on Attack Paths, which in turn is a possible path the Attacker might follow when moving from the starting point towards a High Value Asset. Looking at the Attack Paths is one way of finding mitigations that are relevant to the analyzed attack scenario.


As a final step in the Get Started modules, we will introduce the Chokepoints table of the simulation report. Considering an attack path, there are many different tracks an attacker can make use of. However, the Attacker will use some assets in the model more frequently than others. Such objects are called Chokepoints and are good candidates for mitigations.