A PhysicalZone represents physical access to an area which contains a Host and/or Network. I.e. it represents a certain location, which implies that more than one location will yield in several PhysicalZones.


PhysicalZone and Neighboring Objects
PhysicalZone and Neighboring Objects


HostPhysical AccessConnection to a Host denotes that an attacker connected to the zone can obtain physical access to the machine.Increases the risk of UIAccess on the Host.
NetworkPhysical AccessA connection to a Network denotes that an attacker has direct physical access to the network.A Physical Zone connected to a network can lead to Compromise by physical access.

Attack Steps and Defenses

PhysicalZone Attack Steps and Defenses
PhysicalZone Attack Steps and Defenses


Attack StepDescriptionLeads to
CompromiseThe possibility for the attacker to walk up to/reach (and attack Hosts and Networks in) this PhysicalZone.Host: PhysicalAccess
Host: USBAccess
Network: Compromise
Host: AccessControl.Access


NoneThere are no defenses associated with the PhysicalZone object.n/a