securiCAD Automation

The automation functionality is part of the Enterprise version of securiCAD.

foreseeti is providing a collection of python scripts both for building models and for running simulations. These scripts are contained within the securiCADautomation package.

The securiCADautomation package is available upon request from foreseeti. Use the address to get in touch with us.

Contents of the securiCADautomation package

The securiCADautomation package contains three directories;

  • config, where credentials and settings are located
  • modeling, where python scripts for creating models are located
  • simulation, where python scripts for running simulations are located

Adjusting settings and credentials

In the config directory you will find a couple of files related to the client certificate allowing for access to securiCAD Enterprise as well as a file config.ini.

The conf.ini file contains the securiCAD Enterprise host name and your login credentials which are pre-configured when you receive the securiCADautomation package from foreseeti. The lines you will need to adjust are the ones under the CERT section so that the paths match the location where you have extracted the securiCADautomation package.

The format is as follows;

host =
authserviceurl =
serviceurl =

cacert = C:/Users/joar/securiCADautomation/config/DSTRootCAX3.crt
clientcert = C:/Users/joar/securiCADautomation/config/training.crt
clientcertkey = C:/Users/joar/securiCADautomation/config/training_service.key

organization = yourCompanyName
username = yourUserName
password = yourPassword
apiProject = APIsimulations

Additional python modules

Install the gevent and the requests python modules using the pip command.

pip install gevent requests

It will include and install some additional dependency modules as well depending on your environment.

Then, check what modules you have. It should look like the following.

PS C:\tmp2\securiCADautomation> python -m pip freeze
PS C:\tmp2\securiCADautomation>

The version numbers above might vary over time.

Running the scripts

Please check the following guides for an introduction on how to use the scripts;

Auto modeling guide

Auto simulation guide

Book a Demo

Please don’t hesitate to request a personal demo if you have questions around this process, the scripts or how to use it.